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RE: Repeater or EDP

Hi Bill,
Question about the Repeater: sometimes when i engage
the tracks to record in stereo i have troubles
desingaging them which i usually do by pushing one
track while depressing the other one,has this happened
to you?
You also mentioned once that you turn off the overdub
button to avoid latency but i donīt really notice any

--- William Walker <billwalker@looppool.info> wrote:

> But I read somewhere that if you hook up a midi
> footboard to the Repeater it can be operated in live
> situations just like
> any other real-time looper .
>   This is indeed the case. I have a repeater hooked
> up to a behringer midi
> pedal, and I honestly don't know why people diss the
> machine as a live tool,
> Yes you have to spend time programming a midi pedal
> to do what it is capable
> of.  But at 7 banks of ten presets, and counting,
> I've pretty much mapped
> out every PC and CC command I could imagine using on
> to my cheapo behringer
> footpedal. Everything form track select to pitch
> shift to panning to time
> stretching and beyond,  is under foot control. I
> rarely have to touch the
> front face of my RPTR, other than to set the unit up
> for four track
> outputing.   I do understand that the EDP's creative
> features like sus
> record and insert record are unique, and allow for a
> more "playing of the
> instrument" approach. I really want my cake and eat
> it too, After hearing
> Bernard Wagner play at Y2K4 this year, I realized I
> really want an EDP!
> Bernard's method of inserting new notes into his
> melodic sequences, gave his
> loops a wonderfull morphing quality. I think both
> units are worthy for
> different reasons, and if I could I'd own both. I
> must say the Repeater has
> come in really handy  when I've needed to use
> pre-recorded material. Like
> when Rick and I need to sound like a full salsa
> orchestra for an awards
> show, as an example. That being said, for my purely
> improvisational loop
> wackyness,I've moved away from using prerecorded
> stuff ,prefering to make it
> up as I go, the one  exception being the use of an
> occasional pre-recorded
> drum loop. Do yourself a favor if you can and buy
> both. Afterall, If it
> turns out one device is better for you than the
> other, you won't have any
> problem selling the one you don't want. That being
> said, good luck finding
> either one!
> Bill
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