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Re: line splitter/mixer

The Rane is ridiculously flexible (I've used several in various 
applications for years), but if I'm reading you right it will do what 
you want in this case.  You send it the mono or stereo output from your 
preamp, and then three of your (six) channels become send controls.  
You could then either send the output from your three units to channel 
inputs on a second mixer, or to the three remaining channels on the 
Rane (if the units have mono output--if they're stereo, you need a 
different mixer).  If you went the second route, the output of your 
pre-amp and the three additional units would be summed back at the 
master outputs of the Rane, which can be mono or stereo as desired.  If 
you're curious, the manual for the SM26 is available in pdf on Rane's 


 >I know this has sort of been discussed recently, but i have a few more
 >questions. I'm in the new process of re-wiring my set up, to include a
 >pcm42. anyway, i want to be able to split the signal coming out of the
 >preamp into three to feed different units, and then sent the signal to 
 >mixer and then to the pwer amp. i have been doing a bit of research 
and it
 >seems that the rane sm26b and the beringher ultralink mx882 could sort 
 >out. i'm sure people on this list have used these units before, so any
 >feedback is very much appreciated. given the capabilities of both 
units, i
 >should be able to combine the channels so that i could have 3/4 
outputs and
 >3/4 inputs, so that i could do the above wiring, can anyone confirm 
this? at
 >the moment, i'm leaning more towrds the rane for sound quality as well 
 >the jack out/inputs rather xlr.