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RE: Repeater or EDP

But I read somewhere that if you hook up a midi
footboard to the Repeater it can be operated in live situations just like
any other real-time looper .

  This is indeed the case. I have a repeater hooked up to a behringer midi
pedal, and I honestly don't know why people diss the machine as a live 
Yes you have to spend time programming a midi pedal to do what it is 
of.  But at 7 banks of ten presets, and counting, I've pretty much mapped
out every PC and CC command I could imagine using on to my cheapo behringer
footpedal. Everything form track select to pitch shift to panning to time
stretching and beyond,  is under foot control. I rarely have to touch the
front face of my RPTR, other than to set the unit up for four track
outputing.   I do understand that the EDP's creative features like sus
record and insert record are unique, and allow for a more "playing of the
instrument" approach. I really want my cake and eat it too, After hearing
Bernard Wagner play at Y2K4 this year, I realized I really want an EDP!
Bernard's method of inserting new notes into his melodic sequences, gave 
loops a wonderfull morphing quality. I think both units are worthy for
different reasons, and if I could I'd own both. I must say the Repeater has
come in really handy  when I've needed to use pre-recorded material. Like
when Rick and I need to sound like a full salsa orchestra for an awards
show, as an example. That being said, for my purely improvisational loop
wackyness,I've moved away from using prerecorded stuff ,prefering to make 
up as I go, the one  exception being the use of an occasional pre-recorded
drum loop. Do yourself a favor if you can and buy both. Afterall, If it
turns out one device is better for you than the other, you won't have any
problem selling the one you don't want. That being said, good luck finding
either one!
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