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OT: attn: Eventide/Mac users

I've been off the Looper list now for too long so I decided to come back
bearing gifts.  :-)

If you use an Eventide Harmonizer for your looping or effects, and you use 
Macintosh computer, then this may be of use to you.  I love my DSP7000 but
always hated having to use an Intel/Windows computer to build my patch
algorithms.  So I wrote a patch editor for the Mac.


vSigX v1.0 (beta release) is now available at http://www.wholecheese.com/

System Requirements: Mac OS X 10.3 or newer.
vSigX is a full featured visual patch editor for the Eventide® line of
Ultra-Harmonizers.  It is a Macintosh OS-X 10.3 application and will run
only on Mac OS-X 10.3.  It is based on Eventide¹s Vsigfile program for
Microsoft Windows.  Features found in Vsigfile but not implemented in 
Super Modules
Curve Editing
Harmonic Editing
Text Mode Editing

This software is offered free of charge and without warranty.  vSigX is not
supported by Eventide Inc.  For bug reports or feature requests, please
Allan Hoeltje