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Re: Repeater or EDP

Hi Jon,

Thanks for answering me. But I read somewhere that if you hook up a midi 
footboard to the Repeater it can be operated in live situations just like 
any other real-time looper (EDP etc.) If that is true, than it would be my 
choice. By the way, what kinds of percussion do you play and how do you 
the looper (what kinds of bands etc)?

We'll be in touch, job

>I'm a percussionist and I own both the repeater and the EDP.  If I might 
>try, I think I can boil down the personality of the two machines into a 
>basic statement.  Certainly this is a generalization, but perhaps it 
>you decide which fits your musical personality best.
>EDP:  live oriented looper, no ability to prerecord or save loops, but 
>fantastic real time processing features.
>REPEATER: has limited live performance features, but shines in its unique 
>ability to save and recall loops (and pitch/tempo shift them).
>If I had to own only one of the two, it would be the EDP.  It fits my 
>musical personality and just does everything I could possibly want it to.

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