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RE: KT Tunstall's toys (was: anyone know who this is in this thread?)

--- Tim Nelson <psychle62@yahoo.com> wrote:

>I just emailed Ms. Tunstall
> to ask her about her looper(s) and signal path

...and she got back to me amazingly quickly! Here's
what she said:

Hi Tim!

I think a) i should put this info on the site as lots
are asking me this question and b) i should ask AKAI
for some SERIOUS

I use an AKAI headrush 2, split my vocal & guitar and
feed the parallel
outputs into a little desk to fix the levels going
into the pedal(which
can be a bit unreliable), anf front of house then gets
a clean vocal &
guitar, and the loop. I'll post my little drawing on
the site soon as i

I'm very pleased i'm causing a stir in boy toy land!
Cheers, KT x

BTW, her site is <http://www.kttunstall.com/>


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