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RE: anyone know who this is in this thread?

--- Tim Nelson <psychle62@yahoo.com> wrote:

> By the description in the thread of the two switches
> and the red and green LED, I'd agree with the person
> who said she uses a Headrush.

Dern it, I shoulda read Duncan's 2nd post before I
answered his first one; I just emailed Ms. Tunstall to
ask her about her looper(s) and signal path. Oh well,
maybe she'll join the list :)

Re: the Headrush, I've had mine since the week they
first came out, and I use it as much as any of my
other loopers (DL-4, EchoPro, RC-20, rack delays).
It's simple and it sounds good. I actually really like
the "undo all but the base layer" function and find it
musically useful very often.


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