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RE: anyone know who this is in this thread?

By the description in the thread of the two switches
and the red and green LED, I'd agree with the person
who said she uses a Headrush. However, I do know that
earlier this year she added another (unspecified)
looping pedal, since she mentions in her website
journal trying to get up to speed using it before its
debut gig.

Hell, maybe I'll ask her myself; there's a 'contact'
field on her site. (Tim steps forward from his pack of
looping chums at the bar, boldly and confidently
strides towards the lady looper, notices that maybe
she looks busy, hesitates, doesn't want to be a
nuisance, reconsiders, slinks back to the bar for
another beer...)


--- goddard.duncan@mtvne.com wrote:

> so... there were two pedals. one of them looked like
> a boss tuner (white, boss-sized). the other....
> could've been EH, had a green l.e.d. on it....
> really didn't get a good look at it.

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