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RE: anyone know who this is in this thread?

Title: RE: anyone know who this is in this thread?

> http://acapella.harmony-central.com/forums/showthread.php?
> s=&threadid=763531

A bit down that thread it says "KT Tunstall". Appears to be a Scottish 
singer-songwriter. A gig review here 
and some photos here 
KTTunstall.shtml. Unfortunately no pictures of her pedals.<<

this young lady was on jools holland's show (in the UK) last friday night.
I thought "oh no, here's the token newcomer/folkie"..... until she started. she began the piece by slapping the front face of her acoustic guitar a few times & only when she lurched forward to hit the pedal did I realise what was going on.

using a single loop, she added guitar noises (string-wipes), tambourine hits, vocal phrases..... by the end of the piece, this had all become quite dense, but still perfectly intelligible, & I was shouting at the t.v.

so... there were two pedals. one of them looked like a boss tuner (white, boss-sized). the other.... could've been EH, had a green l.e.d. on it.... really didn't get a good look at it. presumably she had some way of feeding both her mic & the guitar into this thing, but I saw no other outboard or indeed cabling. so maybe she just uses the one mic.

anyone else know anything? great song too.



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