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lucifer is a looper? new looping vst...

hi all,

I'm pretty sure the divine machine vst has been mentioned on the list 
before.  It appears they have just brought out a new vst that may or may 
not be a looper.  can't test it until i get to the studio tonight, and 
the website gives no specs or details regarding the live input 
capabilites but this is from the site 

Lucifer is a VST FX which takes Audio Notes as input.
 To use Lucifer, you need to first route Audio to/from the plugin and 
send it MIDI notes during operation.

 Repeat, Gate, Stutter and Scratch a live input or audio track on the fly!

 Lucifer has been desgined to be well-suited for live performance and 
DJ's, allowing  BPM to be set by tapping along on a key (C key).


 - Host BPM / manual Tap BPM sync
 - 6 Incarn graphs (pan/vol/scratch/distort/cut/res)
 - scratch/stutter/reverse audio on-the-fly
 - run multiple instances!
 - additonal FX (spread/groove/bounce/gate)
 - 4 filter modes (LPF, BPF, HPF, Notch)
 - Infinite Lock-repeat
 - Stereo operation with DJ-type crossfader

has anybody tried out the demo?  i imagine it only uses a small audio 
buffer (no minute long looping here?) but still looks kind of fun...

michael noble