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RE: Can anyone help this looper with tech details???

Isn't that what all of us are wishing for? Welcome to the club, Job!
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From: Robin Haas [mailto:rob@robinhaas.com]
Sent: Samstag, 23. Oktober 2004 23:40
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Subject: Can anyone help this looper with tech details???

I just got this message sent to me from  Job Verweijen at:
> Dear Musicians,
> My name is Job, I am a 29-year-old percussionist/vocalist from The
> Netherlands and I want to get involved in looping. I have been reading a lot
> of reports and reviews on the websites of loopers delight and harmony
> central. My conclusion is that either the Echoplex Digital Pro Plus or the
> Elctrix Repeater is the machine I need. The big problem is I absolutely
> cannot choose between those two. Both of them have pros and cons and I
> wished some company could combine the best features of both to create the
> ultimate musician's looping tool for live and recording. Since that hasn't
> happened yet, I need to choose. I am writing for some help on my choice.