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Re: Repeater or EDP

On Oct 23, 2004, at 20:22, wavecomputer360 wrote:

>  The EDP is, like
> the Jam Man, my favourite when it comes to creating long delay loops 
> that
> start building layer upon layer after a while, something you can do 
> with the
> Repeater but the layering is limited by the size of the CFC you´re 
> using
> (and you always have to tell it when you want it to overdub).

But if you overdub record into the same loop there is no such 
limitation with the Repeater.

Regarding the EDP I just want to mention its unique capability to slice 
audio input and insert quantized chunks into the spinning loop. No 
other machine or software I know of can do this in real-time. As 
demonstrated in this audio example using three live sound sources: (1) 
electric guitar, (2) EDP and (3) drum loops. 

Job, I tend to agree with Stephen that since you want to prepare loops 
in advance the Repeater is the better choice. It can also time-stretch 
to match different tempi which the EDP can't. The EDP has more the 
character of an instrument to be played.

/ per