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Re: Santa Cruz Live Looping Y2K3 CDs sent out...

James, thats not good news! I have only had that happen about 2 times in many hundreds of diseminated CDs. And both times those same disks played on other CD players, but for some reason did not play on a certain individual unit. I test them on an old Harmon Kardon player from the late 1980's. I figure if it plays on that, it will play on more modern players.
Can you do me a favor and try it on other players? I certainly will soon hear from others if there is a similar problem. (Gulp!). I used Hewlitt Packard CDs, and usually use Maxells. Don't know if that is a problem. They burn and play in my environment. I certainly will replace any disks that do not play properly.
Keep me posted one and all on what anyone finds on compatibility of my Y2K3 CDs. They are burned on a Yamaha CD burner in my computer, which has given me no problems in 2 years. As I say, I will replace what does not play. Robin
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I received the cds. But they don't play and my cd player works. I don't know. James