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Santa Cruz Live Looping Y2K3 CDs sent out...

I have sent out all orders which I received up toyesterday of the Santa Cruz Live Looping Festival Y2K3 CDs, including those sent to Germany and Sweden.
I had a glitch on my email earlier this week and could not send or receive emails. Sorry for any inconvenience that may have caused. For those who missed the emails I sent out to LD, a recap:
I have two separate CDs available from the Santa Cruz Live Looping Festival, also called Y2K3 (2003) put on by Rick Walker and 30 or so other performers (not from Y2K4 (2004) which I did not record).
Volume One is subtitled "Guitars, etc."
Volume Two is subtitled "Percussion, etc."
Those are general categories, as there is some of both on each, plus other methods of making music and sound, as well. These CDs are alomost 80 minutes each of great live looping sounds and music.
The CDs are $12.00 each ($10.00 for the next 3 months if you mention you saw them on Looper's Delight. 
Shipping is $2.00 for one CD and $.50 extra for each additional CDs.
A two volume set to the LD people is $22.50, and $12.00 for one. 
To see the CDs on my website, and payment details, please go to:
Thanks for all you support and response on the Live Looping Festival Y2K3 CDs. I greatly appreciate it. Robin