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Repeater or EDP

Dear Musicians,

My name is Job, I am a 29-year-old percussionist/vocalist from The 
Netherlands and I want to get involved in looping. I have been reading a 
of reports and reviews on the websites of loopers delight and harmony 
central. My conclusion is that either the Echoplex Digital Pro Plus or the 
Elctrix Repeater is the machine I need. The big problem is I absolutely 
cannot choose between those two. Both of them have pros and cons and I 
wished some company could combine the best features of both to create the 
ultimate musician’s looping tool for live and recording. Since that hasn’t 
happened yet, I need to choose. I am writing for some help on my choice.

Let me explain how I want to use a looper. My band plays psychedelic world 
jammusic. My setup consists of different percussion-instruments, most of 
which are individually miked. I also use a headset-mic for vocals. In the 
live situation I want to be able to play a certain groove on an instrument 
like a handdrum, triangle, set of woodbocks or shaker and then loop it and 
overdub another layer etc. I also want to mix in my vocals. I sing 
percussion-part, drumbeats and effects with my voice. Second I want to 
delay options for spacial effects on my voice and certain instruments for 
“trippy” effect. The delay times must be easily changeable. With a looper 
also want to compose loops at home and store them, so I can recall them 
with a footboard at any given moment. Third, I want the looper to practice 
along side with to work on my timing, so as a advanced kind of metronome. 
Fourth, I want to be able to store loops on my computer at home to 
manipulate/master and import effects/sound-collages etc from the computer 
unto the looper.

What I concluded was that the Repeater has far more storage-space for 
and effects (up to 256 MB). Second the unit looks much stronger and it is 
stereo. Problems are there’s only one layer of Undo, some problems with 
internal metronome and with the sound (especially when you’re using the 
pitch shift). There was a very negative review by some guy named Progster 
(sept 14, 2001) but some rave ones by others.

The EDP is not stereo and the unit and especially the footboard don’t look 
too strong. Second, it doesn’t have that much memory and only 
up to 198 seconds (16 MB).

So guys, please help me. What machine should I buy? And what is a decent 
price to buy one second hand (on ebay or someplace else?).

Thanks so much in advance!!!

Best wishes, Job Verweijen

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