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RE: line mixers for looping

I think you're talking about the Alesis 12R.  There's several on eBay 
right now:


They seem to go for about $150 these days.


 >my live rig had to fit into smaller & smaller cases because of 
european baggage allowances; I went for the alesis rackmount mixer, 
 >which is a mixture of mono & stereo channels, 2 auxes (1 pre, 1 post), 
basic 3-band eq & a dedicated effects return. also 2-track 
 >send/return, phantom power, XLR mic inputs on the monos & balanced 
1/4" outs.

 >the damn thing seems to have disappeared off the market, & if I hadn't 
just seen a picture of it, I'd think I'd dreamedthe whole thing. >it's 
quiet, reliable & flexible enough to deal with a few mics, a repeater, 
a quadraverb & a bunch of synth modules, & it's only 3 rack >units 
high. the faders are a decent length too. I think it was about 180, or 
(scratches head) um..... isn't that about $300?