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Chord Yoga for Guitarists

For all you guitar loopers out there, I just discovered by accident one
of my archived web pages from 1998, during my intense chord voicing
studies.  I can't believe I found this site...I thought I had lost it
during a hard drive crash.

Anyway, if you are interested in spicing up your chord voicings, this
web page has some interesting chords that are the closest approximation
to how jazz piano players voice their chords, without roots and with a
lot of tone clusters for that dense and dissonant feel.  The page has
graphical depictions of the fingering for each chord, plus a small demo
sound clip.  

"Chord Yoga for the Jazz Guitarist"
http://www.myweb.cableone.net/chagstrom2/music/chords/  (requires
RealPlayer to hear the sound clips)

Sample blues progressions applying the chords

I created these pages as a result of my private studies and inspiration
from John Stowell, who is an unbelievable human being and amazing jazz
guitarist who tours all over Europe and the US, doing clinics, jazz
festivals, and concerts.  One of my favorite CDs of his is "Somewhere",
recorded in February 1995 in Freiburg, Germany - featuring John on
guitar, Florian Dolling on bass, and Hiram Mutschler on drums.

If you ever hear of John playing in Europe, you should definitely go
check him out. He permanently changed the way I conceive the guitar,
chords, melodies, etc.  


Krispen Hartung