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Re: Repeater and Soundforge...

  wavecomputer360 said...

 > used  in stereo) .wav files. So far, so good. But how can I store .wav
 > files  I  created  using  Soundforge  onto the Repeater CFC? Do I just
 > create  an  empty loop folder, put the stereo .wav file into it and do
 > all the editing like looping etc. on the Repeater afterwards?

You really can't do this easily. 

You can certainly modify your existing Repeater loops. But, to create 
new loops directly from a .wav file is quite a challenge and I don't 
think the proverbial nut has been cracked.

There were rumblings of some folks working on a program to create the
additional meta files for importing .wav's into a Repeater, but I
don't think anything transpired. I was even part of the initial
rumbling-- asking for file specs from Electrix, but never received any
file specs from Electrix.

If you haven't already, check out the Repeater group at Yahoo!:


There are instructions (search the archives) on -replacing- the data
in a -current- Repeater loop with the data from an external .wav file,
but it's convoluted and not really worth the time, imho.