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Re: womany loopers

Dear Menny loopers,

>Perhaps not so much an increase in egalitarian nature, but rather  "Mmm!
> More me!!!" would account for this reaction.

I like Matthias' comment on instant soul mirror. There is something magical
about seeing your reflection. I've noticed that many people can not hear
themselves sing. They harbor such distorted perceptions and fears about the
way they sound that it prevents them from seeing the natural beauty in 
own voice. But when we looped people together, I observed that they were
stunned by the beauty of their collective voices-- and by hearing 
immediately as part of this creation. 

I don't think collective looping is egalitarian in itself. But if the tools
are wielded in a good way, I think it can be. I guess that is what I am
experimenting with.
Anyway, the feedback people gave me and the reaction to the CD of our
collective work sure was positive. I don't think it was ego stroking.

>I think it is so.Female Loopers like conversation  and communication.
>Male Loopers like more the Soloist Status Status,where the question to
>loop with
>other musicans gets a new quality.

I agree with you. May I generalize without getting slammed?? Men are often
more competitive, and women are oft more nurturing. As a two-spirit, I try 
combine male and female qualities in my work. That is to say, I am a 
designer and technology user. I wield spears. Yet at the same time I try to
encourage people, especially those on the margins, to be heard and to hear 
another. I try to be supportive like a mama. I try to bring a nice home 
meal along with the looper when I go out to play with friends. I think 
appreciate that just as much as whatever the looping process brings them. 

>Dialog is important,not the gender or other stuff.

I feel that this blending of roles has been important to my development as 
human being. As men, we are challenged to embrace the feminine within
ourselves. How else can we honor women?
Take Care,