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RE: mp3 of G2 & EDP

Thank you so much, Per, Ted, Krispen, Michael, Gary, Luis, Matthas, 

I really appreciate having your feedback! Didn't expect that much!

The last day in the US I checked in at a cheapo hotel that doesn't have
internet, so I couldn't react earlier to your posts.

Krispen: After having used the looper for some time it was exactly the
metaphor that I liked using to describe the process: painting.
The other issues you raise are of great importance to me, personally: 
the instrument as a tool of emotive expression", "creating music as art vs.
craft", while I often find myself on the "craft" side when testing things
out (rig setup as much as instrument training as much as music theory
(testing out and practicing less obvious scales and rhythms)), that
hopefully will sneak their way into my subconscious to eventually pop up 
blend seamlessly with the "repertoire" during performance...
The technical aspects: I'm using one EDP and do the stereozation after the
loop using the G2. This is also what I do live.
Thanks again for your interest!

Ted: Thank you very much for the truly encouraging words and the promotion!
Interestingly, I don't know any of the music you mention, and I will take
that as an incentive to check it out as soon as possible.
I am very pleased you took the time to download even more files. If you
liked the tracks with Per you might like the MBBW tracks, too, with Michael
Bearpark. I am such a lucky guy to have had the opportunity to make music
with Per and Michael! And Andy and Matthias and Rick and Sunao and Scoots
and ...
It is always of particular pleasure to me to play with other musicians.
Sometimes it happens so, that the other musicians aren't even playing or 
even present in the same room, yet their presence influences the playing

Gary: yes, all live! I removed a few lengthy sections, though, and it's
definitely too rough still!

BTW: I always thought that complaining about mp3 was just techie
mumbo-jumbo, but ever since I'm recording these kind of things (and listen
to other list members' CDs) I definitely can tell a difference. I believe
mp3 was conceived for particular ranges of frequencies which these sounds
sometimes exceed substantially. Yet another incentive to chisel a CD out...

Luis: How was it made: hmmm... Well basically I looped the bassline and 
overdubbed the volume swells for harmonies and then simply soloed over it.

Matthias: you're right, I definitely should improve on my selection and
editing process!

Michael: Wow! Peter Gabriel! His music was very important for me during 
time. But most important (I think) were The Police. And Bill Frisell. Or

Brian: That's right, G2 comes after the loop. That's the main reason I'm
using it to turn the mono sound into a stereo one. And what is a 311 song?

Thank you all for taking the time to download, listen, and comment! This is
very valuable to me.
All the best

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I just downloaded your file and it's just starting to fade out now.
It's REALLY beautiful! I downloaded a couple of other MP3s
from your "Echoplex Loops" page while I was at it (I hope you
don't mind). In particular I noticed and grabbed:




Since we only got a half hour of you at Y2K3 I wanted to hear
you play just a little more in some other contexts. Your playing
reminds me of some of the classic German electronic music from
the '70s (Ashra Blackouts, etc.) mixed with some Michael Brooks
and something uniquely your own. Very smooth and trancelike.

It's also nice to hear Andy Butler on the Mathon tracks and Per
Boysen on the PBBW tunes. I'm a big fan of Per.

Anywho, any of you folks out there that haven't checked Bernhard's
music out yet you're really missing out on something cool.

Best regards,

tEd  kiLLiAn


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