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womany loopers

>>I love where your spirit is going with this! You have a remarkable 
>vision of
>>different contexts in which group improvisation and looping can be used.

>Yes, each women I meet wants to cure me with a different method.



>yes, as usual, you found the nice words


>Discipline is they way to learn from other people and the past.
>Playing is the way to learn from the actual universe.

Heeheeeeeeeeeeeee. (meow)

>as oposed to tradition, we now emphasize the individual. But its
>sound still should find harmony in the comunity, so this is part of
>the exercise

I hear that you don't like rigid traditions. Dogma & inflexibility really 
poo.. but some traditions are wholesome (take gay sex, for example, among
killer whales!). 

>>There is a man, David Hatfield, out of Vancouver, who hosts 
>>singing circles. He has developed some techniques for developing core
>>musicality such as a sense of harmony and rhythm-- from within group 
>>Google has cached a beautiful essay he wrote for the Unitarian Church. 
>>might find his tips useful in facilitating your own group.
>could not find it, would be interesting, really...

The link is:

>"break out of the production-consumption industrial model" is great,
>not just for music, but is it a return to any model? The process of
>individualisation cannot be reversed. In the past, the priest was the
>way to God, now everyone searches his own, which I find exellent.

Most excellent, yes! Most excellent. Rumi says- 1000 ways to kneel and kiss
the ground.

>But we need to prevent from isolation/missunderstanding.
>Gathering to let our individual voices sound together does not have
>the subordinating aspect it had in the past. I tried to find
>colective hints like rules, but the members of our group dont accept
>them and they are right.

Maybe looping can be used in larger groups to allow different members to
contribute to the backbone (ordered part) of music? Maybe in that way it
creates the potential for more egalitarian kinds of interaction. I watched
peoples faces light up when they heard their voice looped. Once again I 
it comes down to whether the people with the toys are willing to share 

Fresh From the Oven,