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Re: line mixers for looping

>One thing to keep in mind is that it is not, strictly speaking, a
>sixteen channel mixer - it's an 8 stereo channel mixer.

I've got an older Rolls, which looks like it has now been replaced by 
the RM203x.
It has 9 stereo channels, plus an extra "tape input" that can be used as 
a 10th channel,
plus a single XLR mic input.  It also has a mono-send-stereo-return 
effects bus which if
you don't want to use can function as an 11th stereo input.  (It goes to 

I don't have the XLR on mine, but I would guess it isn't going to 
compare to a Mackie.
I also have a Mackie 1202 and the Rolls seems comparably quiet but maybe 
with a bit
less dynamic range.   You can get one at zzounds for $209 ($100 more 
than the Behringer).