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RE: Matching overdub volumes on RC-20XL

Peirs & Phil,

  Thanks for your messages, but I don't they quite
answer my problem.

The problem is not the volume of the OVERALL loop
(which is controlled by the left knob) relative to the
volume of the "live"/"currently being played"
instrument (controlled by the right knob).  Rather I'm
finding that the volume of the overdubbed part (which
gets added to the loop, and is then controlled by the
left knob) is too low compared to the rest of the
stuff already in the loop (also controlled by the left
knob...?).  Seems like there should be another knob!

Again, the loop-compared-to-live-instrument mix is
GREAT while I'm playing, and I get it that way by
adjusting the various "level" and "input" knobs. 
What's NOT great is the volume at which my new
overdubbed part gets saved in the loop.

Thanks for answering though.  Maybe I totally missed
your points.  If so, please tell me.  I'm very new at


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