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RE: painting (was mp3 of G2 & EDP)

>  >  "For me", a
>>strictly ambient looping performance is like painting a sky, sea, and
>>distant range of mountains on the canvas and leaving it at that. "For
>>me", that is neither "intriguing nor particularly inspiring", but if
>>painter goes back and adds some interesting and creative detail, this
>>means to me that the artist has something to say,
>>>  here I dont agree, creating a cloud is saying something
>Matthias (and this is a subtle invitation for anyone to discuss
>music/art aesthetics with me) - how can you agree or disagree with my
>own subjective response to an ordinary cloud painted on canvas? How is
>this possible...I'm making a statement about my emotive response to some
>art, not an objective and empirically verifiable fact about an intrinsic
>property of that art.   This is like disagreeing with m personal claim
>that I don't like the color blue.   :)

you are totally right, I should have put:
"someone who simply creates a cloud can also say something to me"

and you dont know how you hit me in a moment that I doubt strongly 
about my urge to teach anything here (and to my girl friend, thats 
where the impulse comes from), while the learning really comes from 
playing, and for this, I contribute with instruments and music :-)

and for a nice exchange of subtle ideas, this channel is slow, I 
spend too much time reading and trying to find understandable words...

>All in all, however, I understand what you are trying to say here.
>Sometimes a simple device or bit of artistic expression can be inspiring
>or interesting to someone.  I concede to all exceptions, of course.

anything is somehow interesting to me, at least for a little moment :-)

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