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Re: Matching overdub volumes on RC-20XL

Hi Scott

Good to hear of another XL owner out there!

I'm impressed with this machine - let's keep exchanging ideas

I think you can do what you want - by either adjusting the Mic or Inst 
level knob...and/or by putting yourself through a mini mixing desk 
before it goes into the XL

but I'm new here so take this with pinch 'o salt


Piers Gibbon
http://www.piersgibbon.com  |  piers@piersgibbon.com

On Oct 21, 2004, at 8:45 am, M.C. Skwayrd wrote:

> Hi, I just bought a Boss/Roland RC-20XL.  It's a nice
> unit with basic features, and 16 minutes of recording
> time...
> One thing I'm confused about, however --- and can't
> find ANY discussion on in the manual or on Roland's
> website --- is how to adjust the volume at which the
> newly overdubbed "phrase" gets added to the mix.
> You'd think it would just get added at whatever volume
> you actually played it at! (i.e. the volume you just
> heard it at when you played it...) But no, the volume
> is generally lower upon playback, sometimes way lower.
>   The volume of the "instrument I'm playing right now"
> is adjusted with one knob, and the volume of the loop
> is set by another...
> Okay, case in point: the unit has some fun
> pre-recorded loops set by the factory (some heavy
> metal licks and some funk riffs).  I can play along
> with these and hear myself fine while playing, but if
> I try to overdub onto one of these tracks and add
> something of my own to it, I cannot hear (or can
> barely hear) my overdubbed playing in the mix.  What's
> going on here?  And how do I adjust the mix?
> (Presumably the pre-recorded tracks were recorded at
> some amazingly high volume, but...if I can hear my
> guitar while I'm playing, I ought to be able to hear
> it once recorded...)
> Thanks,
> Scott
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