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RE: painting (was mp3 of G2 & EDP)

Krispen brought up nicely:

>I like to make analogies between loooping and painting.

this is great, because both come to exist by puting line after line.
Reduced FeedBack is not quite like overpainting, but I bet the 
painters would love a paint that acts like FeedBack :-)

>  For me, a
>strictly ambient looping performance is like painting a sky, sea, and
>distant range of mountains on the canvas and leaving it at that. For me,
>that is neither intriguing nor particularly inspiring, but if the
>painter goes back and adds some interesting and creative detail, this
>means to me that the artist has something to say,

here I dont agree, creating a cloud is saying something

>and they have mastered
>the use of the palette and paintbrush well enough to express it
>artistically.  This is a generalization and personal preference of
>course. There are paintings and ambient recordings out there that I find
>intriguing and inspiring, but very few.  For example, I'd rather see an
>abstract landscape with something peculiar about the textures or color
>choice, rather than a realism portrayal of my back yard or the fruit on
>my counter-top.

I would say the background rather sets the state of mind, while 
melodies call emotions. Its interesting to go though all kinds of 
emotions within a state of mind, and those can change rather quickly, 
like in a movie - which fits to what
Steve Sandberg said recently:
>I've experimented taping myself with and without the loops, and it
>consistently sounds better and sounds freer and more emotional without the

Ambient music lets you space to imagine your own details. The focus 
is on the whole, or nowhere. As soon as you put a cow into the 
landscape, it atracts the focus. But done right, the landscape still 
comes through, and still leaves space... but a subject is given, 
Why would we choose between ambient and emotional music, if they 
combine as easily as a cow and a hill or a ray and a cloud in a 
Some say that emotions inhibit spiritual openness... I rather see 
them as calls to open channels...

But yes, Steve, if you want to tell a story at the speed of cinema, 
loops may slow you down too much.
For me, most movies are to quick and most loopers to slow :-).

I recently asked a pedagog how many repetition it takes to learn something.
Once is only enough in emergency situations. Teaching through shocks.
Peacefully, twice is often enough. 3 or 4 to make sure. This is for 
mental memorizing.
To get into a mood takes more.
To reach a state of mind usually more even.

So a rough loop recepy could be:
Put a very slowly changing background to reach the state of mind
Use quicker changing loops to create moods
Live the emotion in the solo
(and then you can still sing a text if you have concrete info to give :-)

But I dont really recommend to follow such rules. I am thinking to much.

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