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RE: Psychedelic Jew's Harp: J. M. Nasim

Hmm, maybe but at the same time a lot of what he is doing is humming while
strumming and some processing. Some effects sound like something an
Adrenalinn II could do (I should have kept mine :'(  ) no real looping
device or at least no analog sequencer sounds pretty creative either way. 
Bob the thumb piano guy still around let's see what he thinks.

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I think he's looping, despite his somewhat opaque musical description 
samples on his "Listen" page):


"I create this music live. No multi-tracking, no playback of pre-recorded
material, no sampling. The raw signal of voice and Jew's Harp feeds into a
portable bank of automated processors. Here, various programmatic,
architectonic sound spaces frame rhythmic zones within which certain
acoustic potentialities reside. These sonic holograms manifest my musical
explorations as shape-shifted sound. Seminal acoustics are gestated into 
aural forms to birth multi- dimensional soundscapes of interpenetrating
pulses and harmonics."


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