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RE: mp3 of G2 & EDP

Great job, Bernhard.  I like the layered textures you create in the
beginning, which you use as a foundation for your guitar melody/solo
work.  It is also refreshing, from my own subjective perspective, to
hear loopers "play" their instruments and add musical identity to their
works, rather than producing only ambient backdrops.  This really
illustrates the power of looping technology.  I believe songs need a
signature of some sort, and chords and sound effects don't always
accomplish this for me.  Creative use of melody and harmony to me
demonstrates that a performer is comfortable with his instrument as a
tool of emotive expression, and with the activity of creating music as
art vs. craft.   

I like to make analogies between loooping and painting.  For me, a
strictly ambient looping performance is like painting a sky, sea, and
distant range of mountains on the canvas and leaving it at that. For me,
that is neither intriguing nor particularly inspiring, but if the
painter goes back and adds some interesting and creative detail, this
means to me that the artist has something to say, and they have mastered
the use of the palette and paintbrush well enough to express it
artistically.  This is a generalization and personal preference of
course. There are paintings and ambient recordings out there that I find
intriguing and inspiring, but very few.  For example, I'd rather see an
abstract landscape with something peculiar about the textures or color
choice, rather than a realism portrayal of my back yard or the fruit on
my counter-top.

Anyway, you exemplify what I'm trying to articulate here.  I'm sorry I
missed your performance in Santa Cruz.

I hear some stereo panning on this...are you using two EDPs after your
G2, or are you applying the stereo imaging after the recording?

On a similar note related to the G2, is anyone out there using the TC
Electronics FireworX effects unit? 

Krispen Hartung 

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This is an mp3 of "me and my guitar" ;-) (not mentioning G2 & EDP...)

(size: 5.54M, duration: 06:03)

There's more stuff, but I can't seem to get the other contributors'
permission to announce it... WTF?!