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FX and pignose...

I'm selling these for a friend. Or at least he used to be a friend until
he told me to sell this mint pignose now after I asked him for it last
year and ended up buying a new one at $70+. Whatever.

Pics of all items are up at: 

Mint Pignose Amp. I'm not sure if this has ever been used but it certainly
has never been gigged. Still have the plastic on the back jack and comes
super celan with Power supply. These are cool little amps and run on
batteries. Great for lofi stuff or if you actual (gasp) play guitar or
something. Asking: $45.00 

DOD 280 Compressor. Excellent shape and works great. A few minor dings in
paint (see pics and judge for yourself). I'm going ot guess as say this is
the mid 90s one. Very cool for guitar or TR606 drum machines which I what
I used it for. Asking: $35.00

MXR Envelope Filter/Autowah - AS IS. Beat up cosmetically (has no
back). I've never tried it. Please look at the pics to get an idea. Looks
clean inside (I think the brown stuff on the board is dirt As I was able
to scrape it away like dust.) No promises on this so AS IS but this is one
of the vintage ones. Might be fine with some TLC or use for a project or
parts. Asking: $50

All prices are pathetically fair but if you think I'm out of line or can
pick up or want a few items or just think I'm nuts email me and I'll
listen. I'm sick of selling small items on the Eb*y but that's where they
go next and there will be paypal fees and all that crap so if you want
them please buy them now and say yourself a few bucks and me a lot of
hassle. Please.

Buyer pays actual shipping from Phila PA, Paypal or USPS MO accepted. I
pack very well for free. 

Any questions lemme know. Thanks!

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