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Re: CDs of Santa Cruz Live Looping Festival Y2K3 now available

Per Boysen

I took the 2 Cds (it is not 3 CDs) in a padded package to the Post Office
for weighing and an estimate of shipping to Sweden. The most reasonable and
time effective rate is 4 to 10 days shipping time for $5.60. If that is
agreeable to you, the 2 volume set of the Santa Cruz Live Loopers Y2K3 
be $20.00 plus $5.60, or $25.60.

For those of you who may be reading on LD, the package is 6.9 ounces for 2
mailed CDs and 3.7 ounces for just one CD. With the usps.com  website,  one
can estimate postage costs to where you may be from 95062 zip in the US.

I ship in the regular old style CD cases which are thicker, a little
heavier, may give some added protection along with the padding, and allow
for the U-card, or back card. I do not recall getting a copmplaint yet of
breakage of the case, and certainly not the CDs.

My paypal account is my email: rob@robinhaas.com

To see the Santa Cruz Live Loop Festival Cds on my website, go to:


Be sure and remind me if you saw it here is $10..00 a CD, not the usual

Many thanks, Robin

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> On Oct 17, 2004, at 7:00, Robin Haas wrote:
> >  Shipping may cost more outside the US, so please ask me for an
> > estimate.
> Hi Robin,
> How much shall I paypal you for shipping the three discs to Sweden? And
> many thanks for documenting the festival!
> Greetings from Sweden
> Per Boysen
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