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can you help me with my sync problems?

I'm encountering a couple of wierd syncing problems preparing to do a demo 
for Meyer sound at the AES convention in a week or so
and wondered if anyone has any advice for me.

here's the setup:

We're trying to sync up an improv trio (drums-me, bass, keys)

1) I'm using my black faced EDP with Loop 4 as a master clock,

    a) using a custom brother sync cable (which splits into two brother 
outs)  to drive the bass players 2 different white faced EDP (loop 3)

    b) I'm sending Midi Out from my EDP to drive my REPEATERs clock (Midi 

     c)   I am then sending my MIDI thru signal to a synthesist who is 
using that
      clock information to drive arpeggiation and lfo/resonance/cutoff 
information on his Nord Modual/Nord Lead setup.

Here are the three bizarre things that are cropping up:

 If I have loops already running

      1)   I push record on the Repeater (with no midi going from it's out 
to the EDP's in) and the EDP starts to record  (bad!!!!)
                This just happened once and then disappeared.

              (queery:  anyone experienced this and , if so , anyone know 
there is a fix or what do avoid?)

      2)  If I had stopped my EDP loop and the Bassist continues his 
suddenly my Repeater's pitch goes down to 2 octaves below
               on all four tracks and I can't change it manually.    The 
second he stops his loops and reboots his machine, the problem disappears

               (queery:   are there brother sync problems between  Loop 3 
and Loop 4 software that might cause this?  Any other ideas?)

       3)   When I use commands like Ins, Mute, Multiply, etc.   it is 
sending note messages to the keyboardist (playing his synth).   That
               was fun for one song because I could actually play little 
ostinato rhythms on a synthesizer that I"ve never been able to afford 
               but obviously not great for an hour and a half improv.  We 
solved the problem by just having the synth go do a different midi recieve

              (queery:  is this note sending information editable on the 
EDP?   I"m a midi nebish and feel out of my depth so please forgive
               if this is a no-brainer fix).

Any ideas?    The Repeater seems positively retarded when it comes to midi 
implementation (but don't get me started), so I think the answer is
either in the EDP  or perhaps buying (arrrrrggghhh!!)  some sort of 
expensive midi filtering box.

Thanks in advance for the help if there is any.

Yours,  Rick