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Cost of Santa Cruz Live Looping Festival Y2K3

There are a few misconceptions about the cost of my Santa Cruz Live Looping Festival Y2K3 CDs which I would like to clear up. As I have proven I can be verbose, so I will also try here to be simple and maybe therefore clear:
I have two separate CDs available from the Santa Cruz Live Looping Festival, also called Y2K3 (2003) (and not from Y2K4 (2004) which I did not record).
Volume One is subtitled "Guitars, etc."
Volume Two is subtitled "Percussion, etc."
Those are general categories, as there is soom of both on each, plus other methods of making music and sound, as well.
The CDs are $12.00 each ($10.00 for the next 3 months if you mention you saw them on Looper's Delight, which is where most have heard about them thus far).
Shipping is $2.00 for one CD and $.50 extra for each additional CDs.
If you are performed on a volume of the CDs (or for a few people, both CDs), for those performers, that volume is free. You have the option of buying the other CD, that is your choice and opportunity.
Rick Walker kindly gave a glowingly positive review of the CDs in which he said that "...Robin's was a labor of love and he deserves $30/CD in my estimation."
Perhaps I do deserve$30 per CD, in which case the 2 volume set is $60. and I will even pay for the shipping !!!!
However, I suggest that one pays not the amount I may be seen to deserve by none other than Rick Walker, but what I ask in price.
Again, a two volume set to the LD people is $22.50 if you are paying for both (and therefore not on the CDs). If you performed on one CD, that CD it is free. The other CD with shipping, should you want to purchase it, will be $12.00 with shipping to LD folks.
A few people sent $30.00 to me thinking that was the cost (maybe reading Rick's kind words) and I will somehow compensate them back down to the actual amount I am charging for the CDs.
Also, some people think there are 3 CDs, and there are only 2. Perhaps Volume One and Volume Two equals 3 volumes late at night, don't know.
Hope this adds some clarity.
To see the CDs on my website, please go to:
Thanks for all you support and response on the Live Looping Festival CDs. I greatly appreciate it. Robin