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RE: looping with other musicians

Title: RE: looping with other musicians

>>I would be interested to hear how other people are using looping techniques
to **follow** other musicians tempo and groove.   Is anyone using realtime
tempo adjustments (ie. repeater) with success (much like an expert DJ can
beat match) to play with live musicians or records?<<

my band uses a mixture of electronic instruments & bass/guitar/drums. the guitarist has a jam-man (midi-clocked, most of the time, but see passim) & a dl4. there are a number of midi-sequencers playing lines of pulses for the most part. I play bass & keys, & use a repeater, sometimes with a jam-man, a dl4 or an adrenalinn mk2.

so the whole shebang ought to be relying on midi-clock & a click going to the drummer's ear.
but we don't like to work that way.
instead, the master clock for the entire midi rig comes from a korg es-1 (the electribe sampling thing).
with it's enormous red display & flashing buttons, it's a neat way for everyone to see where we are in a given bar, & also what the tempo is. furthermore, one of us can whack the tap-tempo button at any time to change the overall tempo. this means I can bring the sequencer parts in after the drummer has started without him having to worry about his tempo. so long as he can hear them when they are in, all is cool.

I want to hook up the tap-tempo on this beasty to a pad so's the drummer can keep things locked himself.

live tempo changes made this way seem pretty smooth so far, but bear in mind that they are quite subtle- we're not talking about going from 120 down to 90 all in one lump here.

the only thing that gets upset with the clock being altered is (naturally) the jam-man. I can't persuade the guitarist to try my 2nd repeater instead.... :-(



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