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CDs of Santa Cruz Live Looping Festival Y2K3 now available

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About: Santa Cruz Live Looping Festival -- Y2K3  CDs  (2003)
              See new listing of this on my website
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I have finally completed the 2 separate volumes of CDs of the Santa Cruz Live Looping Festival Y2K3 (2003). One is subtitled "Guitars, etc." and the other is subtitled "Percussion, etc."  The "etc." refers to other creative methods used with looping to create music and sound, such as voice, found objects and even toys.
They are now available from me at www.santacruzcollage.com and I can be reached at  rob@robinhaas.com (The website is not really an ordering site at this point with a credit card connection.)  Each volume is $10.00 (plus $2.00 shipping) for anyone who mentions they saw it on Looper's Delight over the next 3 months. Otherwise, they are $12.00 per volume, plus $2.00 shipping within the US. The postage is $.50 for each CD past the first. Shipping may cost more outside the US, so please ask me for an estimate. 
I have just put some information on my website at www.santacruzcollage.com about the Y2K3 CDs.
Attention Y2K3 performer's!!!! The first CD is free (including postage) of the specific volume that a musician or other performer who attended the Y2K3 and on which they are featured. (See lists in following emails to LD). Send me your mailing address by my personal email address, rob@robinhaas.com so I can send you your free copy.
If you are interested in purchasing one or more CDs, use Paypal and my email as an account number (rob@robinhaas.com). Or, please send a check or money order to Robin Haas, 343 Soquel Ave #36, Santa Cruz, CA 95062-2305.
A bit of background and history: I am not a musician, but I like to record unusual things. I am a painter and an audio artist. One of my interests is to preserve portions of the sound and culture of the Santa Cruz area, of which I am very proud. (As an example, I will soon edit the tapes of the annual Musical Saw Festival held in Felton near Santa Cruz (maybe I should get the two festivals together!)).
I approached Rick Walker last year about recording and releasing Y2K3 on CDs on my micro label, Santa Cruz Collage. I had previously attended two looping and electronic festivals here which Rick had formed. I certainly like this artform, for which I see an equation with painting. I was surprised to hear that there were no other plans to record the Y2K3 festival until I offered to do so. In fact, previous Santa Cruz Live Looping festivals have never been released on CDs. Unfortunate by any standard. As agreed with Rick Walker, a portion (25%) of the payment I receive for the Y2K3 CDs, after the sale of the first 100 copies, goes toward a fund for the next Santa Cruz Live Looping Festival, Y2K5.
These CDs are a record of the festival as well as a sampler of those who performed at Y2K3. They also could serve as a promotion to those on the CDs. And the CDs should serve as a promotion tool for future festivals here and elsewhere, by their example. And the musicians may be able to use their own track for other purposes on their own CD, etc. I have just put these CDs on my website, with the performers listed. Additional information on how those who are interested could contact the performers and links the performers may want listed could be included on my website.
I am very happy with how the project turned out, despite some delays. I have listened to the pieces many dozens of times and did my utmost in the editing of the sound to find a tasty section of each person's performances and to bring it out to its best advantage. And then I considered how the tracks should be combined with the other tracks (15 tracks and almost 80 minutes per CD). Not an easy job, but worth the work to preserve the fine sonic creativity.
There are many magical moments recorded on these CDs, by very skilled live performers, some of whom came from far and wide. In a way, these CDs represent a style manual of various ways to use the looping and other electronic sound processing equipment, which is generally here used with traditional musical instruments, and sometimes with the voice, but also sometimes with nonmusical instruments such as toys. There is much to learn by example from the tracks.
In October and November 2003, after many weeks were spent on editing, I made the performer's edited pieces available to them for their approval. Then the project hibernated through several seasons.
A matter of days ago, on the last day of the just held Y2K4 festival, about 4:30 in the afternoon, I finally triumphantly came to a point where I could hand out and sell a few CDs from both volumes on the last day of the festival. I had been working solidly for a week before the Y2K4 festival to complete the project and then make the first  20 CDs of each volume. I must say completion came while running short on sleep. First, I handed out the volume to the performers from Y2K3 who were then present. And then I even sold about 10 of them, as well to others. I have since made a few changes on the ordering of the tracks to put the guitar and percussion material toward the beginning of the CDs and the "etc." further back, with some exceptions. A few friends who heard the CDs said it made more sense to them that way. The current track order is listed below.
So the CDs are now out, but only on a very limited distribution bases. I want to get an ISBN number and look to wider distribution, perhaps Amazon, CDBaby, etc. I would appreciate any advice on this matter for those who have gone this route ahead of me toward a wider distribution of CDs.
As not all musicians have yet gotten a chance to see the finished CDs, I have posted in following emails to LD all of the printed matter for proofing and corrections that appears on the CD packaging. As the project still has a bit of room for revision, please get back to me soon if you see a need for some corrections or suggestions.
Last year, I requested biographic, philosophical, technical and other related information from all performers and also track names. Many did not return this information to me then. If you would like to send some information now, which you may want on the website, please send it to me. If you want to change the track title (many track names I had to make up) or a brief mention of equipment or instruments, let me know that, as well.
I cannot post the cover graphics of the CDs as attachments here, according to Looper's Delight rules for email. You will have to see them on my website. The cover of the Guitar, etc. volume has James Sidlo on guitar and Rick Walker on tambourine. The Percussion, etc. volume has Wally Schnalle on drums, surrounded by electronic equipment, both were photographed by Ted Killian at Y2K3.
Many thanks to all who made this project possible!
I will send more particulars following this email. When sent all at once, the email was too big and did not post.