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Re: Looping with the Echoplex with the Lexicon G2 slaved to its clock

I didn't get a chance to reply to your first message asking if anyone 
else does this.  I don't use a G2, but I do use a TC-Electronic G-Major, 
and it has MIDI synchable delays as well.  Sounds like you've 
accomplished all that I have - basically synching the EDP and the 
G-Major and using various divisions on the GMaj to create interesting 
polyrhythms.  With longer delay settings (whole note), the line between 
delay and loop gets blurred... which is a good thing!

I like using the GMaj to effect my loops (vs. using it to apply effects 
to the sound that is captured in the EDP).  I use my fx+preamp unit (a 
Roland GP-100) to get effected sounds into the loop.  The GMaj is a 
decent, not-so-farout loop mangler.  Delays and modulation are 
synchable, and I like that.

By the way - I don't "beware" the EDP features you mentioned (EDP 
changes only at the cycle boundary, after you leave the parameter 
mode)... instead, I celebrate it!  A very nice way to ensure that things 
happen musically, and not based on my clunk button pushing skills.

Just thought I'd chime in!


Bernhard Wagner wrote:

>Hi Gary
>Andy Butler actually gave me the idea to sync them. My approach has always
>been to just hook things up, play them in one configuration for as long as
>possible to explore all possibilities and then shyly move on to further
>settings. Andy configured the G2 to sync in a specific way to the EDP and 
>was just right for me. When I came home, the battery inside the G2 had 
>and I lost all settings (I should always make a MIDI dump of all devices
>when I found a good setting). I just vaguely remembed what the setting was
>and I'm afraid I didn't get the same configuration back, even though I 
>all kinds of combinations. But at least during those tests I learnt how 
>EDP slows down its MIDI timing when kicked into halfspeed (because the G2
>delay doubles its time) or when choosing a subcycle division on the EDP, 
>G2 reacts to it (but beware: the change of subdivision only happens on the
>EDP when you exit the parameter edit mode. And it only changes at the 
>where the current cycle has finished). And then you can configure the G2 
>react to 8th, dotted 8th etc. All together this adds up to quite a field 
>explore to find good combinations. And of course, there are quite a number
>of G2 effects affected by timing so that adds yet another dimension (not
>speaking of your playing style: rhythmic/spheric)...
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>>Sent: Donnerstag, 14. Oktober 2004 01:49
>>To: 'Looper's Delight'
>>Subject: Looping with the Echoplex with the Lexicon G2 slaved to its
>>Hi Natives--
>>OK, first breakthrough in a while--
>>As the subject line reads, I am running guitar into the G2, then into the
>>EDP, with the clock out of the EDP driving the G2.  I want to
>>hear from some
>>folks who are doing this--looks like Bernhard is one, I believe
>>Steve Lawson
>>does this too--but first my big news.
>>I don't have the R1 foot controller; when I bought a second hand one it
>>didn't seem to work right so I sent it back, so I have not been able to
>>control all the parameters of the G2 that I might like.  Tonight,
>>I was able
>>to control the delay time ratio, using sysx generated from the unit and
>>stored in a sequencer, then played back during a loop frenzy.  This works
>>really well--the clocks are synced, so when you window, the slave changes
>>its time frame too.
>>I haven't gotten that far yet (it's time for bed), but I bet I
>>can start to
>>control lots of the other G2 features now that have been less
>>accessable to
>>me up til now.  I'll just dump the sysx into the PMC-10 . . .
>>So that's my exciting if technical and abstruse news.  What are
>>some of you
>>other G2 users doing with these two units?  Does the R1 let you do this