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RE: Looping with the Echoplex with the Lexicon G2 slaved to its clock

Hi Gary

Andy Butler actually gave me the idea to sync them. My approach has always
been to just hook things up, play them in one configuration for as long as
possible to explore all possibilities and then shyly move on to further
settings. Andy configured the G2 to sync in a specific way to the EDP and 
was just right for me. When I came home, the battery inside the G2 had died
and I lost all settings (I should always make a MIDI dump of all devices
when I found a good setting). I just vaguely remembed what the setting was
and I'm afraid I didn't get the same configuration back, even though I 
all kinds of combinations. But at least during those tests I learnt how the
EDP slows down its MIDI timing when kicked into halfspeed (because the G2
delay doubles its time) or when choosing a subcycle division on the EDP, 
G2 reacts to it (but beware: the change of subdivision only happens on the
EDP when you exit the parameter edit mode. And it only changes at the 
where the current cycle has finished). And then you can configure the G2 to
react to 8th, dotted 8th etc. All together this adds up to quite a field to
explore to find good combinations. And of course, there are quite a number
of G2 effects affected by timing so that adds yet another dimension (not
speaking of your playing style: rhythmic/spheric)...


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> Sent: Donnerstag, 14. Oktober 2004 01:49
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> Subject: Looping with the Echoplex with the Lexicon G2 slaved to its
> clock
> Hi Natives--
> OK, first breakthrough in a while--
> As the subject line reads, I am running guitar into the G2, then into the
> EDP, with the clock out of the EDP driving the G2.  I want to
> hear from some
> folks who are doing this--looks like Bernhard is one, I believe
> Steve Lawson
> does this too--but first my big news.
> I don't have the R1 foot controller; when I bought a second hand one it
> didn't seem to work right so I sent it back, so I have not been able to
> control all the parameters of the G2 that I might like.  Tonight,
> I was able
> to control the delay time ratio, using sysx generated from the unit and
> stored in a sequencer, then played back during a loop frenzy.  This works
> really well--the clocks are synced, so when you window, the slave changes
> its time frame too.
> I haven't gotten that far yet (it's time for bed), but I bet I
> can start to
> control lots of the other G2 features now that have been less
> accessable to
> me up til now.  I'll just dump the sysx into the PMC-10 . . .
> So that's my exciting if technical and abstruse news.  What are
> some of you
> other G2 users doing with these two units?  Does the R1 let you do this
> stuff?
> Gary