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Re: looping with other musicians

--- Douglas Johnson <dhjohnson@mindspring.com> wrote:
> Did you ever consider that you
> built up an 
> audience doing one type of performance, and then
> switched styles on 
> them to some degree?....   
> Have you ever 
> considered somehow distinguishing between your
> song-structured 
> performances and your improv performances and
> keeping them separate?  
> Maybe giving them different band names?

I'm not even sure that would work; I've been mostly an
improvising avant-guy for the past 25 years with the
exception of a couple of years in the early 90's when
I was a member of a (high energy power pop,
alternative, you fill in the pigeon-label) band
through which I had a much higher profile than through
my solo work. Unfortunately, even now I hear the
occasional disparaging comment about my "new"
direction, even though what I'm doing now is
essentially representative of the greater part of my
creative output over my entire time as a musician, not
just a couple years of heavy gigging/touring and CD
releases. I'm not sure what the answer might be, but I
definitely agree with what you're saying about how
one's audience does indeed seem to define you based on
what they've heard/come to expect, whether or not what
they've heard/come to expect is truly representative
of what you're about.


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