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RE: The Echoplex Manual; also AdrenaLinn II

Adrenalinn I or II is awesome fun and patches can be heavily modified for
increased craziness or sublety dependent on your desires. I had a I that I
upgraded to a II it is real nice but, I got rid of it for a TC Electronics
FireworX. I didn't get rid of it because I thought the FireworX was a
replacement for it but, I found that I couldn't keep both though I wish I
could have. I will likely get another at some time in the future it makes
for a great mini (scaled down) rig.

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Subject: The Echoplex Manual; also AdrenaLinn II

I believe Warren Sirota is the main author of the Echoplex Digital Pro
manual, with the Loop IV stuff being created by Kim and integrated into the
new manual.  That's what the credits read, anyway.
Any users of the AdrenaLinn, the effects box/rhythm station Roger Linn
created?  Should it be on my Christmas list?