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Re: looping with other musicians

Hey Steve, 
i am starting to do more songs like i used to as well 
and i want to integrate loops to them so i am picking
songs that have minimal chords changes or one to max.
two chords behind the solos.Things like "do it again"
from Steely Dan or "Light my Fire" are examples of
songs where you can loop the chords quickly and start
improvising without being to trapped in a box so to
speak.The DL4 is ideal for this since the "loop once"
feature gives you time to return to an A part etc.With
the EDP if you are syncing to a drum machine then the
"mute cont" feature is great for doing breaks!
P.S. by the way there are no differences in terms of
sound between the beige Oberheims and the Gibson
echoplexes,provided you have loop IV, 198 secs. and
donīt forget to change the resistors on the oberheim
for more gain tolerance.But as you know they donīt
sync together that well!

--- "steve.sandberg" <steve.sandberg@earthlink.net>

> I've been dealing with the issue of the "church
> lady" aspect of looping in
> solo performances recently --
> went through a period of complete improvisational
> looping concerts, with
> lots of morphing of loops and varying of loops on
> the edp --
> then the pendulum swung the other way and i did a
> recent concert of almost
> all songs and compositions, using rhythmic loops to
> create a percussive bed
> for the song --
> i thought the song aspect would make the music more
> accessible to others --
> much to my surprise, many of my listeners (who had
> been to several other
> concerts of mine and had followed the process)
> REALLY missed the free
> looping stuff -- and these are not people who are
> into free or avant garde
> music at all.
> They felt that the whole concert was on a kind of
> restricted emotional level
> from beginning to end and missed the spontaneity and
> thus wider emotional
> range of the free looping --
> so future concerts will be more of a mix --
> plus i'm discovering that it's often better, if i'm
> going to sing a song, to
> just sing it without a rhythmic loop - the loop,
> even with cool vocal
> percussion, seems to put a straight jacket on things
> and rather than adding
> to the emotional presence seems to subtract from it.


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