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Looper's Spotted in the Marbles


It's been a bit of time, just caught the Marillion "Marbles" show last 
week on Thursday, with John Wesley opening for them, and it was a great 
showing of the two/three Boss (Roland) dual pedals.

John had one of all three of the loopers (to near loopers) of a DD-20, 
RC-20, and a RC-20XL along with several other pedals.  Didn't catch the 
type of guitar and what he was using for amplification, but man, it was 
a great show of what those three pedals could do.

Steve Rothery had a DD-20 and a RC-20 and he put those beasties to 
work, too!  Also, it was awesome to see him really use an E-bow real 
heavily through the concert.

The crowd at the 9:30Club was a bit tamer than expected, but it was 
happening to see Marillion and John Wesley in this country, again.

Later on,


"Vi Viri Venivirsium Vivius Vicci."
- Faustus