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Re: Looping with other musicians

On Oct 12, 2004, at 1:40 PM, Per Boysen wrote:

> On Oct 12, 2004, at 22:25, Larry Cooperman wrote:
>> Yes you can but at the base of the loop you have the Church Lady.  A 
>> strict taskmaster with leather and studs.  Can you dress the Lady 
>> into different clothes while you spank her tush in an increment of 
>> her overall ass?  No, it is still her ass, clothed in whatever.
> Hey, you should write The Looopers Bible!!! ;-D
>  best
> Per Boysen
Spanky's Loopers Bible,

In the beginning there was a flat surface.  Then there was a flat 
surface, and then, and then, neht dna, dna, nad, na, nam and then 
Echoplex created an ass to spank.  She was called An.  He was called 
Spanky that old Ass Spanker.  Love An, love her by spanking her with 
Tenderness and Disregard.

Then there was a Waszah, the Manual of Spanking.  We read and went 
Waszah!!?  He spoke to us, Waszah (?).  In the ether of the Webpage 
Waszah (?) said "Go Beatnik, yee of little Silicon and of the Wooden 
Things with Animal Skin and Bone, with the This and the That and So On 
and So Forth with no Reverse Button. " Waszah!" (?) said Us.

In the end of the first week we went Online to decipher the Holy Writ. 
"WWW DOT WHAT?"  He spoke to Spanky who had hand to An's Spanly Part.  
WWW DOT Loopers_Delight a thunderous Spank came from Ether!

Larry Cooperman
New Millennium Guitar