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Re: sufferage

Hi there Coop,

In a message dated 10/12/04 11:46:41 AM, coop@newmillguitar.com writes:

How is Kim long-suffering and under-appreciated? 

Well, gee . . .

By providing to us the Loopers Delight forum for . . . how many
years now? . . . over ten (I think) . . . with little to no remuneration
and often more public complaints an rags than kudos . . . suffering
both artists and idiots alike . . . often both at the same time.

By sort of "birthing" the EDP into the general marketplace with
little personal fanfare or direct gratitude. He's a musician too
and he never plays at these "fests" that are mostly fueled by
his online forum (if not his product).

By seeing his "baby" (the EDP) go off into the world with so much
promise and seeing it sort of flounder there for reasons too numerous,
unfair and too stoooopid to even mention.

By his unflagging support of it anyway . . . even though it is unlikely
to go out and "take the world by storm" at this point . . . though
hope does spring eternal.

My hat is off to him. He's a good guy . . . and in a fair and just world he
and Matthias Grob would both be millionaires and have holidays named
after them.

I've NEVER heard Kim complain about any of it though. These are just
my own particular thoughts on the matter. I'm also one of those dumb
artist/idiots who seldom (or never) pop up to say thanks . . . or stuff
a wad of bills in Kim's shirt-pocket . . . out of simple gratitude.

Even many of the competing products owe a lot to the EDP (and this forum)
methinks. But that's just me . . . and I'm just another dumb guitar payer
using technology to play with himself. Heheheh. "Loopers do it repeatedly!"
would make a great bumper sticker an/or T-shirt.

I guess it's my time to log on and make that LD donation via PayPal.

With the best of humor and intentions . . .

Best regards,