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Re: Y2K4


I am in Kobe now and I really enjoyed Y2K4 festival...

  Thank you so much Rick and all Y2K4 friends!

  Keep in touch


At 7:57 AM -0700 04.10.11, loop.pool wrote:
>Ahhhhhhhh,   it is 7:22 a.m. in the morning and I feel really sad because 
>just drove Sunao to the airporter bus to start his long trip home.
>Sunao, Hans Lindauer, George Demarest, Scoots 
>Galore..............errrrr Michael
>Klobuchar, Bill Walker, Nancy and Chris (our partners) and I stayed 
>up late (4 a.m.)
>celebrating and decompressing from four days of looping in public.
>Putting this particular festival every year is an exhausting affair 
>but I find mind self
>exhilirated and full of creativity at the end of Y2K4.
>This year I had more selfless help from more people than I"ve ever 
>experienced:   from
>Bernhard Wagner's ceaseless enthusiasm and attention to detail with 
>the website and
>liason with Etheric Networks (the simulcast bandwidth providers) all 
>the way down to
>switching between the stereo chords from the two stages every 30 
>minutes for almost
>24 hours of continuous music to Ted Killian's constant revisions of 
>the beautiful poster
>and festival's four page brochure (as well as his many stints 
>manning the merchandicing table)
>to Chris Cohn's excellent managing of both stages (damn,  I hardly 
>had to use the '5 minutes'
>sign on any artists this year because Chris was so on top of it all) 
>and meticulous detailing of
>the venue when we closed it down to all the door and merchandising 
>managing by Matt Davignon,
>Michael Klobuchan, Hans Lindauer and everyone else who manned that 
>post  to the photographic
>documenting by Mark Hamburg, Sunao and the half dozen other snapshot 
>taking loopers.
>It was really a wonderful festival this year.  Honestly, I went into 
>it a little bit burned out (from other
>things in my life) and not very full of inspiration and 96 hours 
>later I am tired but surprisingly
>turned on by all I saw and heard.
>I feel like I learned a lot from the users of every piece of looping 
>gear that I use (and I own EDPs, the Repeater, DL-4s
>and Ableton's LIVE) and can't wait to try them out in my next live 
>looping excursion.    I also agree with my brother
>(and several other people we talked to) that this year was the first 
>time that we could see laptop/software oriented
>live looping as a really viable alternative to the great hardware 
>boxes that exist.    Andrew Chaikin's (Kid Beyond)
>brilliant performance singlehandedly accomplished that paradigm 
>shift . What he did with his voice, a mic, Ableton's Live
>and a sophisticated midi footpedal was nothing short of astonishing. 
>There were several artists, though, besides him who used
>that exciting software effectively.     I can't wait for that 
>company to add '1st loop capability' to their already robust suite of
>software looping functions.
>That being said and done, my mind keeps being blown by the 
>sophisticated uses of both the EDP and the Repeater that I saw.
>Relative newcomer Bernhard Wagner had my brother and I entranced 
>with his 'sub' 'insert' work on the EDP and my brother
>continues to astonish me with his innovative use of arpeggio driven 
>pitched loops in the Repeater.
>There were also impressive uses of proprietary software by Amar, 
>Warren Sirota and Wayne Jackson.........I can't wait to check all of 
>that out
>after I've slept for about a week but then there was the just 
>wonderfully deft and natural use of older technology like Gary 
>Regina's fantastic set
>with the old Lexicon Jammans and Michael Klobuchars transparent work 
>with his Boomerang (or the 'Rang' as he calls it).
>Still and all, as George Demarest so deftly put it,   "Good 
>musicianship trumps bad looping gear" every time and the musicality 
>of this festival
>was at an all time high.
>Well,  I'm wasted and going to go and grab a few winks before the 
>Annual Loopers Lunceon at 1 p.m. at the Catalyst but I just wanted to
>say thanks to every one involved for a great experience.
>Newcomer (only to this community but a looper for a long time) Bob 
>Rice and I confessed to each other that we  were both verklempt when 
>Council person Emily Reilly presented the "International Live 
>Looping" placards to featured artists Bernhard, Michael, Ted and 
>Headliner Sunao on Saturday evening.
>"This is so cool,"  he said to me, "I"ve been doing this for 20 
>years in my home and to discover that this community exists is 
>really wonderful."
>Our community rocks and I feel really grateful to have been able to 
>hang and listen to so many wonderful looping artists.
>All right............I'm out a here.    R.