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RE: Looping and Meditative States, etc

since this seems to be the main purpose of music, I wonder why 
musicians dont care more to learn about states of mind...

>there was a gorgeous, tall, dancer, whom they said had just come 
>from Africa, and they told me to just play some tom-tom rhythms, 
>while She was doing Her solo dancing.  That was the last I 
>remembered, until the MC came over and shook me while I was playing, 
>and told me to stop playing, or else I would "kill" the girl. 
>Apparently, She had been dancing all the time I was playing, and was 
>soaking wet, as I suppose, I was too.

what, you managed to not look at her?? :-)
and she made you trance...

>Today, we would probably call that Trance, and not meditation.

great, but whats the difference?
can this be expressed with brain freqencies or so?

but I think its similar somehow. I observe that people dance to 
electronic music for similar reasons as others go to church or 
meditate, no?

>I once had a friend of mine ask me if I was ever "initiated".  Since 
>he knew that I had been involved with meditation and spiritual 
>practices, I figured he was searching for something different, so I 
>told him this story.  His reply was, Yes, you've been initiated all 
>I also remember a book I've read called "Samba" where this woman 
>went to Brazil to learn how to dance, and her female instructor told 
>her, after she was concerned that she was starting to sweat, Honey, 
>you don't even start to do Samba, until your body is totally covered 
>with sweat!

being arround this daily, I must disagree. Samba can be very subtle. 
Its limited to the lower part of the body, mostly. Traditionally its 
danced by very old ladies at carnaval also...
then again, in Rio you often get covered with sweat without doing anything 

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