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Re: sync problems with multiple loops (Echoplex)

Is keeping multiple loops aligned really a problem with the Echoplex? I was
assuming I had set some parameters wrong causing the offset mentioned 

I want to record and play multiple loops to which the drummer plays with a
click. If the loops are not aligned correctly the parts will be off a 16th
or even an 8th note, rendering multiple loops useless for band purposes. I
have tried MIDI-sync and Beat-sync with the same bad results.

Someone please tell me this can be done. Matthias?


> I've been syncing my Echoplex (slave) to my Alesis SR16 drumcomputer
> (master) and with a single loop it works like a charm. But as soon as I
> more than one loop with the Next Loop function, problems start. Even
> the Next Switch parameter is set to Loop and the loops are recorded just
> fine, when I make a transition from loop 1 to loop 2 with the Next Loop
> function, the sync may become offset.
> The funny thing is, this offset happens irregularly. Sometimes there is 
> offset, sometimes the offset seems to be a 16th, sometimes an 8th. I have
> read in the manual that each loop has its own local MIDI time but if 
> is set to cycle and SwitchQuant is set to loop, there should be no reason
> for this offset since the switch should happen exactly on the "1" of the
> next loop which is also the "1" of the drumcomputer.
> Does anybody have an idea what is causing this and how to remedy it? I
> tried the ReAlign function but strangely it doesn't always work as it
> should, sometimes putting the local starting point on the drumcomputer's
> instead on the "1", sometimes changing nothing at all.
> Thanks
> Mark