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RE: webcast Y2K4

Hi Matthias, 
I had the same problem yesterday night, (ADSL here too);
the sound was too choppy, but SF to Paris is a long way to go
and the Net is very busy...

it seems a little bit better tonight yet not quite flowing (some music, 
then 2/4 secs silence, etc etc)
but yes, for sure I can hear loops and people clapping hands and enough
to know that it was Daniel Thomas and I liked what he played :-)

great !

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De:     Matthias Grob [SMTP:matthias@grob.org]
Date:   dimanche 10 octobre 2004 21:36
:      Loopers-Delight@loopers-delight.com
Objet:  RE: webcast Y2K4

I get it here, but far to slow. I hear 4 sec, wait a minute, hear 3 sec...

its just about enough to see that it really happens, to long for 
lovely Ricks voice and get an idea roughly what kind of music takes 
place... like audio thumbnails you cannot click on... fun somehow - 
but full listening would be much better :-)

Am I the only one with this problem? I have ADSL here...

Thank you for working it out anyway, Ben!
and thank you for the photos, Sunao!
and Rick for making it all happen!!

have fun!

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