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Re: How hardy is your EDP?

Although it might not be in my best interest to do this, especially if I 
ever want to sell off an EDP, but I need to report that I've had my 
first EDP problem, and it's bumming me out big time.  I own 2 EDPs, and 
one of them is occasionally going nuts.  After a few loop creations and 
resets, I'll get pieces of old loops magically appearing in my current 
loop, the feedback light goes red, and then I even get some exploding 
digital white noise splattered in.  This just happens, with no 
particular event or series of events that cause it.

I've tried cleaning and reseating ALL of the chips that are removable, 
new memory, and putting the EDP in a different place in my signal and 
MIDI chain.  Nothing is working... it still happens almost every time I 
play (and will certainly happen anytime I play more than 30-40 minutes).

I'm about to contact Shane Radke and send it to the hospital.  I'm 
bummed :( :(

Anyone else ever see this kind of behavior with their EDP?


steve.sandberg wrote:

>I'm using my EDP a lot lately, and have been thinking about buying another
>one just to have one hand in case it goes on the blink -
>but I'm reluctant to spend the money -
>Was wondering if people had any feedback about the necessity of this --
>I have to say I've had mine for several years and except for pedal 
>the unit seems built like a horse -
>then again you never know --