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Re: How hardy is your EDP?

Steve wrote:

>I'm using my EDP a lot lately, and have been thinking about buying another
>one just to have one hand in case it goes on the blink -
>but I'm reluctant to spend the money -
>Was wondering if people had any feedback about the necessity of this --
>I have to say I've had mine for several years and except for pedal 
>the unit seems built like a horse -
>then again you never know --

Well, another reason to buy a "spare" is to use it live for true stereo
processing and looping. That way you can have two completely separate 
and if you play a multi-voice instrument (ala Stick) then you can 
have Bass/Melody
sides processed individually.  Or just true L/R stereo...

Then if your "main" one ever fails, at least you still can work/play in 
with the "spare" unit.

That said, they're really pretty hardy.  I agree that the pedal units are 
more likely to give you trouble.

You can sync them, too, as you probably know.