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Lexicon MPX R1 MIDI remote controller (foot pedal) forsale

Hey guys, I just bought an MPX G2 and MPX R1 together on eBay.  I need the 
G2, but I don't need the R1 foot pedal.  I'm offer the foot pedal here 
first since I know that many of you use Lexicon boxes.  This pedal board 
has a myriad of switches and a foot pedal with toe switch.  It was 
especially designed to be used with the G2 and the MPX 1, but it works 
any MIDI controlled effects box.

Click here for Lexicon's information on this product: 

This one that I have is in excellent condition.  After I received it, I 
plugged it in and verified that it sent MIDI commands.  I am including the 
power supply for the pedal board.

I would like to receive $350 for this.  If you are interested, please 
to this email.

Bob Amstadt