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RE: OT - mp3 sites

Title: OT - mp3 sites

If you don’t want to go with a specific ‘music’ site, it sounds like you might like a FTP/Web Hosting company…


I’ve had really good luck with:




it works out to about $8 per month, and you have a huge storage capacity and bandwidth allocation.  You can setup FTP folders and access for a large amount of people, the files can be accessed via a web browser, and you have complete control.


Hope that helps.




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Hi everyone,
Does anyone know of a good site that would allow users to upload homemade mp3's to the web and make them accessible for free to the public? I'm envisioning a site that charges artists for a certain amount of webspace on which they can post mp3s, and also have control over adding and removing files from that space....


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